We spent NYE at a seemingly experimental jazz performance in central Amsterdam. Our group of 5 was among the youngest there, and we had bought tickets mainly on the belief that we have the best view of the fireworks. As it turned out the venue was facing the wrong direction.

Just prior to midnight we absconded to the waterfront with sparklers and poppers to observe the non-stop fireworks blanketing the city. Passing ships shot flares and blared their horns. My foot knocked over someone’s full champagne flute on the deck, shattering the glass. I carefully picked up the shards.

We started 2019 as good Samaritans, turning in a lost wallet and later recognizing the woman who it belonged to and letting her know. Then we helped some Scandinavian kids figure out how to get to a club they had tickets for. And after that we tried to direct some completely incoherent, half-naked Frenchmen to their hotel.

We finished the night eating apple beignets at 4am.

Gregg Hartling @gregg